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Facial Wax & Tint

Body Wax 

Brow Shaping    Lip Wax       

Chin Wax  

Nose Wax 

Side Burns   

Any 2 Above  Any 3 Above   

Full Face Wax    

Brow Tint Ala-Carte

Lash Tint Ala-Carte

Lash Tint Add-On

Brow Tint Add-On

| $25

| $25

| $25

| $25      | $25 

| $30

| $35

| $40   

| $25

| $25

| $12

| $8

Bikini Wax

French Bikini Wax

Brazilian Wax

Sphinx Wax (all)

Half-leg Ala-Carte  

Half leg + Bikini

Half leg + French Bikini 

Half leg + Brazilian

Half leg + Sphinx 


Full Leg Ala-Carte

Full Leg w/Bikini

Full Leg w/French Bikini 

Full Leg w/Brazilian 

Full Leg w/Sphinx 

Treasure Trail 

Under Arms

Fore Arms

Back or Chest Wax 


| $40

| $50

| $75

| $95

| $40

| $70

| $75

| $95

| $115

| $75

| $85

| $90

| $115

| $125

| $25

| $35

| $40

| $70

Lash Lift Ala-Carte | 95

Add-on Lash Tint | 12

Lash Lifts are low maintenance, water and makeup friendly, and last up to 10 weeks. 

Waxing FAQ

 Q: Who can get waxed? 

A: Everyone! Anyone that is using Accutane, Retin A or any Retinol products should avoid getting waxed due to over-sensitivity. Facial waxing should be avoided on sun-kissed skin or post chemical exfoliation from a medical professional. 

Q: How long should my hair be? 

A: Hair needs to be 1/4 inch long to get a clean, smooth result. Approximately 10-14 days of growth.

Q: Does it hurt? 

A: Yes, but only for a quick moment and it is not as painful as you may imagine. It feels like you are pulling off a band-aid very fast. The experience of the Esthetician makes a difference! Taking a form of pain reliever before hand helps.

Q: Will my hair grow back darker or thicker?

 A: No! Absolutely not. In fact waxing will have the opposite effect, causing your hair to come in thinner and finer.

Q: How long will I be hair free? 

A: Your first wax will grow back a bit faster than subsequent waxes. You’ll begin to notice re-growth in about 1.5 weeks. We recommend making your appointments every 3-4 weeks. By the 3rd waxing appointment the pain is much less and the re-growth is slowed and will only continue to slow, and your hair will thin out over time. That is the beauty of waxing!

Q: Can I go swimming or use the Hot Tub? 

A: You should wait 24 hours, as the hair follicle is open and you are more prone to irritation and bacterial infection.

Q: Will I get red bumps? 

A: Some people are more prone than others. Red bumps are caused by a large papilla (root) as it is being pulled through the follicle. It irritates the walls causing the inflammation. Usually they will disappear within a few days. 

Q: What else should I expect? 

A: Smooth, hairless skin! Your skin may look a little pink or feel a little tender. Usually these disappear within the same day.

Q: Why wax? 

A: There is less maintenance than shaving and you are less prone to ingrown hairs. There is no itching as the hair grows back and the hair will grow back soft instead of stubbly. Lastly, no razor burn! Another amazing benefit to waxing is over time, your hair follicles become damaged, meaning they can no longer grow hair.

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