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Nestled in the heart of wine country,  a 5,000 sqft serine day spa and beauty salon awaits you. Established in 2005, Spa bliss was designed with  the intention to deliver an experience that is customized just for you. 

.Spa Day Get Away.

 .Clinical Based Skincare and Body Treatments.

.Beautifying Services.

.Solo Pampering. 

.Group Events. 

.Advanced and Educated Estheticians. 


Our Team Awaits you!

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Our team of Estheticians, Massage Therapists Nail Technicians, Hair Stylists and Spa coordinators.

How it all started

The founder, Mary Aiello-Reed originating from Monterey California, in the late 90's moved to the small county of Yamhill. With a new born and a fresh marriage, she transferred her esthetics license to Oregon and started her skincare journey in a small 4x8 room in Yamhill, Oregon. As time went on and her business slowly grew, she expanded and relocated to McMinnville in the early 2000's. Her husband Todd went to school for licensing in massage therapy soon after, and in 2005, Spa bliss was established and still currently resides in the Granary District in McMinnville. Through the 2007 recession and sacrificing to stay afloat, and now through the 2020 Pandemic, she is still creating and growing her livelihood and passion; Spa bliss!

She has created a safe and open space for several women and men to choose their passion in their career every single day. Her daughter and husband work along side her, as well as a team that has grown much into a family for over 15 years. Our mission is to deliver amazing service from our amazing staff for many years to come.


Spa bliss

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