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The Spa Oasis

90-Minute Visit | $40 

The Oasis Experience

Luxury Lounge

Modern, Lush, Roman Aesthetic

Robes, Slippers and Towel Service

 A step-by-step Roman Inspired Ritual Experience

A Timeless Oasis 

A Roman Ritual

Inspired by the Roman daily life and ritual practice:
The Romans relished the simple enjoyment of warm clean water, herbal essence, and varying temperature rooms, baths, and relaxation.
Be indulged in the pleasures of our four varying temperature saunas and wet amenities with custom water features, varying light therapies and aromas dualled with Himalayan salt bricks, aside two large mineral based soaking baths and a cold plunge bath. 

Dry Sauna 
InfraRed Sauna
Wet Sauna

Himalayan Salt Room

Sauna Bucket

Four Sauna Variations, With a Twist



A dry scrub shower is required to start your therapy, to remove dead skin, bacteria and debris, so you can reach peak benefits.



Enjoy our custom steam sauna with water features, light based therapies, with a eucalyptus aroma, sitting between 110-115 degrees.



Our dry sauna, large and low, allows you to reach peak temperatures on our two-story benches. Set at approximately 180-200 degrees.



Your Infrared sauna is exactly that- Infrared Light Therapy to stimulate your body's circulatory system, immune system and promote body healing, set at approximately 160-180 degrees.




Made with Himalayan Salt Bricks, set at a warm temperature between 66-68 degrees. An alternative medicine, for having many healing aspects on the skin and body.

Hot Bath 
Warm Bath 
Cold Bath

Soaks Coming 2024

Clean Water, Herbal Essence

A Hot Caldarium Bath
A Warm Tepidarium Bath
A Cold Frigidarium Bath

The three roman inspired caldarium, tepidarium, and frigidarium baths will help you distress, detoxify and rejuvenate your body, leaving you feeling revitalized. A perfect way to pamper yourself while also reaping the many health benefits of mineral baths.

Some Benefits of Varying Body Temperatures:
Reduce pain, swelling, and lactic acid buildup, reduce internal and external body inflammation
Boost your mood and daily stressors
Reduce muscle, joint strain, and injury
Treat the symptoms of muscle overuse, while releasing endorphins

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