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Body Treatments

Our body treatments take place in our therapeutic treatment rooms, designed to relax you, ease your body and your mind.

Palm Massage

Sudatonic Detox Wrap 


Sudatonic is an electric-heated body wrap treatment. You are wrapped in a specialized heated blanket that emits infrared rays, that have for many years been used to achieve several health and cosmetic benefits such as:

  • Detoxification

  • Body water retention release

  • Slimming and smoothing

  • Increase core metabolic function burning up to 4,000 calories per session.

  • Reduce acne and hyperpigmentation

This is a great option for general body detoxification, for a weight loss and health journey, or dualled with recent body contouring services and treatments.

Requirements for treatment:

Drink a gallon of water the day before your treatment.

Eat before, as you should not drink or eat 3 hours after treatment

Aloe Herbal Wrap

$125 | 1 hr

 This treatments suits well with our sudatonic wrap. Our herbal body wrap uses cotton linen wraps soaked in a natural aloe and herb solution. This will dispel toxins through your lymphatic system. Drinking a gallon of water daily you will continue to dissipate toxins for up to three days after the treatment.  

Add-on to a massage, facial or other body treatment | $100.00

Body Polish

$125 | 1 hr

A full body, organic coconut oil sugar scrub for the ultimate exfoliation, followed by a hydrating lotion massage for a polished finish. 

Add-on to a massage, facial or other body treatment | $100.00

Aroma Touch Back Treatment

$125 | 1 hr

A Doterra oil infused treatment. Essential oils are placed along the spine and pressed deep into the skin, layer by layer. Spreading on to the back and arms.

Add-on to a massage, facial or other body treatment | $100.00

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