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Discover Radiant Skin with a

Advanced Skin Peel

Advanced Skin Peel | $175

The process of removing layers of the skin to promote new skin growth and collagen stimulation. A great reboot for the skin and a fresh start. This peel lifts off all bacteria, debris, dead skin and build up. After your peel, you will have a new layer of brand new skin!

Pre & Post Care Instructions:

  • Avoid any sun burns or tans, vigorous products such as scrubs, retin-a, retinol vitamin-C concentrates, two weeks prior to your peel.

  • Stay hydrated 1 week before and 4 weeks after treatment.

  • During the first week your skin will start to peel. It imperative that you do not pick at your skin, and hydrate your skin with moisturizer and plenty of water. 

  • By week 2-3, your face will be healed fully and you will have new skin!

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