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Bubbly Clay Texture

Foot Treatments 

Our Foot Treatment area sits on elevated cloud-like chairs for you to sink into, with 16 foot curtains and beautiful light fixtures. Up to four Foot Treatments Available at the same time for groups.

Robe, Slippers and Sauna use is available by request upon booking your spa day. 


Bubbly Clay Texture

Bliss Signature Foot Treatment

$115 | 60m

Doterra Essential Oil Infused bath of your choice.

Leg and Foot Sugar scrub.


Hand massage 

Jelly Bath

 20 minute massage.

Essential Bliss Foot Treatment

$95 | 45m

Doterra essential oil Infused bath of your choice.

Leg and foot sugar scrub.

Jelly bath.

15 minute massage.

Micro Bliss Foot Treatment

$75 | 30m

Doterra essential oil infused bath of your choice.

Leg and foot sugar scrub. 

10 minute massage.

Ionic Foot Treatment

$55 | 30m

 A warm and Ionized foot soak that creates a natural chemical reaction to draw out toxins in the body.

This treatment has significant health benefits such as enhancing your immune system, purging of internal toxins, health improvement.

Customized Relaxation Foot Massage

$75 | 30m

$110 | 60m

DoTerra Essential Oil Bath 

A Detailed Foot and Calf focused massage by your Massage Therapist using multiple techniques and clinical treatment.

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