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Whats Best For Your Skin In Your 20's

From the pros at Spa bliss- let us tell you how you can get through your 20's with thriving skin! There are a hand-full of effortless components to your daily routine that could postpone those wrinkles. Here is what we think:

1. Wear SPF

Wearing SPF year round, no matter where you are in the world, will save your skin from sun rays that suck the life of your skin and stunt your collagen production.

2. Wash your makeup off at night, limit your makeup use to little to none, or get your hands on a high end, organic, or mineral makeup.

Makeup and some of its ingredients can penetrate your skin and damage it. Think about putting liquid pollution on your skin all day- because some makeup is the equivalent of this! If we all could wear no makeup we totally would, but a mineral makeup is fabulous too!

3. Have a 3-step skincare routine to start off with consistently.

You don't NEED all the extra creams, serums, scrubs... although they are extremely beneficial and rewarding long term, start simple with a consistent 3-step routine and as them in later when you can nail your routine down. Cleanser, toner and moisturizer. PS: if you're oily, still wear moisturizer! It's about protecting more than it is hydrating. There is a cream meant for your skin type out there. Promise!

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