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Three Years Lash Experience

Three Times Certified

Specializing in Volume and Texture


"Not only do I have the pleasure to create hand-made, full-sets of lash extensions, but I also get to make people feel absolutely beautiful. So as a lash artist, let me have the pleasure of beautifying you – your lashes and skin are my canvas! In my spare time I'm definitely drinking coffee and eating Vietnamese food. Have a good day & hope to see you soon."




Lash Maintenance 

Lash maintaining is required to keep up with your lash extensions and grow out. Please book out your lash appointments every 2-3 weeks

Textured Volume | $95

Volume | $85

Natural Volume | $75

Classic Lash Maintenance   | $65

Express Fill (30 minutes) | $40

What is volume?

Volume is a delicate and advanced technique to create handmade lash fans for you during your lash appointment. Because they are handmade, any look can be created from natural to bold, slim to wide, long to short, thick to thin and everything in between!

Your lash appointment:

To start off your appointment, we will discuss any and all lash questions, curiosities and lash desires. You'll get comfy and i'll begin a lash examination and lash bath. There is an array of add-on services to choose from to top off your lash experience! After your appointment, you'll be gifted with your lashes and an aftercare package including lash cleanser, cleansing crush, lash wands and more!

Preparing for your lash appointment:

Come to your lash appointment with squeaky clean lashes, no makeup and minimal moisturizer!

Textured Volume Full-Set     |  $225 

Dense lash fans with more lashes and more length! Manipulating your layers takes time but has the most amazing affect on lash depth.

Each fan has between 3 to 18 ultra thin lashes and is placed horizontally and vertically within your lash line using slim and wide fans, which gives your texture!

Volume Full-Set                |  $200.00


Volume is a fluffy, light weight and voluminous with wide fans! Classical volume is placed evenly through your lash line

Each fan has between 3-18 ultra thin lashes.

Natural Volume Full-Set   |  $185.00


Looking for something natural? We can do that! This look is lighter and has slimmer volume fans for a natural affect.

Lash Lifting

Lash Lifting | $70.00 

Lash Lift + Lash Tint | $80.00

Allow 45 minutes-1 hour


Facial mask $7.00

Lip Mask $5.00

Collagen Infused Eye Pads $3.00

Wax & Tint

Brow Shaping      |  $20.00

Full-face wax       |  $35.00

one face wax        |  $20.00

two face wax        |  $25.00

three face wax     |  $30.00

Brow Tint             |  $20.00

Lash Tint              |  $20.00

Mini Facial  $40

Cleanse, toner, peel, mask, scalp massage and moisturizer