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Special Occasion Lash Extensions

Bridal | Event | Photoshoot

Feeling your best while you celebrate with friends and family. 

Looking your best for your bachelorette, wedding & your honeymoon, or for any special event.

* Lashes are done by our multi-certified lash artist and lash trainer, with 5 years experience in all lash types. 

*Full-sets are one price for any type of lash full-sets.

* A full-set can last up to 4-6 weeks depending on your care for them, but a touch up fill is recommended at 2-3 weeks to accommodate grow-out, damaged extensions and to apply new extensions for your event if needed.

Full-Set of lash extensions              $325.00

2-3 hours needed for full-set, and best recommended 1-3 weeks before event takes place.

Touch up fills                               $100.00

1-2 touch up fills are recommended before or in between events. 

Recommended to book 2+ months in advance

50% deposit required to book appointment. 

Lash Extension Gallery

Lash Lift Ala-Carte | 85

Add-on Lash Tint | 12

Lash Lifts are low maintenance, water and makeup friendly. Reccommended every 8-10 weeks for up-keep.

Lash Lift + Tint



Brow Sculpt | 85

Semi- permanent brow perm using the natural brow hairs to create shape, structure and desired thickness. 

Advanced product for brow health and long-lasting results.

Includes sculpt + Brow shaping.

Lasting 8+ weeks. 

Add-on brow tint | 7

Brow Sculpt + Tint