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What is Classic?

Classic is the technique of placing one single lash extension on to one of your natural lashes. 

Classic is designed to focus on length, with some minor thickness. Its in reference to wearing mascara!

Things to consider:

Classic will look different on everyone, as it will depend on how many natural lashes you have and how strong they are.

If you are wanting a dense, full and voluminous look, a volume full-set is what you may want to consult about.

Your lash appointment:

To start off your appointment, we will discuss any and all lash questions, curiosities and lash desires. You'll get comfy and i'll begin a lash examination and lash bath. There is an array of add-on services to choose from to top off your lash experience! After your appointment, you'll be gifted with your lashes and an aftercare package including lash cleanser, cleansing crush, lash wands and more!

Preparing for your lash appointment:

Come to your lash appointment with squeaky clean lashes, no makeup and minimal moisturizer!

Lash Services

For all lash sets, length and style will be determined upon your lash appointments

 Natural Classic



A natural set of classic is about focusing on the natural components of your features! Covering between 75-85% of your natural lashes.

 Ultra Full Classic



The classic mascara look. The goal for this set is to manipulate the lash line to create a bold look. Ultimately giving you thicker, darker and longer lashes! Covering 95-100% of your natural lashes.



Classic Lash Maintenance 


Natural Classic       $55

Ultra Full Classic   $65

Maintenance for this set is required every 2-3 weeks to maintain

 Wax & Tint

Brow Shaping       $20.00

Full-face wax        $35.00

one face wax         $20.00

two face wax         $25.00

three face wax       $30.00

Brow Tint              $20.00

Lash Tint               $20.00

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